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Dawson, P. M. & Zanko, M. (2009). Reframing occupational health and safety management: a social innovation approach. Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (pp. 1-16). Adelaide, Australia: Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management.


This paper argues that traditional thinking about occupational health and safety (OHS) issues has limited the development of innovative solutions to improve employee well-being. However, recent interest in social innovation provides an opportunity to rethink approaches to OHS management. We consider the emphasis in industrial production on the push for ever greater performance (and profits), often at the expense of the well-being of employees. Next, we examine social aspects of work and consider the new, emerging concept of social innovation. Finally, we forward a more holistic model of OHS for improving the conditions and well-being of employees. Finally, we call for further research on social innovation and the management of OHS in the pursuit of sustainable healthy work environments.