Does AIS and MIS have a Future?



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Tinker, T., Mickhail, G. M., Sy, A. & Okcabol, F. (2011). Does AIS and MIS have a Future?. Proceedings of the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting (pp. 1-10). Denver, CO.: American Accounting Association.


Academics and practitioners of successful, established disciplines rarely question their future viability. But in today¿s World, complacency may prove dangerous. AIS and MIS operate in turbulent circumstances. The rates change of reskilling, deskilling, outsourcing and insourcing is unprecedented. There is no reason why craft workers in a field should be caught in a King Canute like demise. An intelligent appreciation of one¿s past and present does allow for successful adaptation to new circumstances. Infused with new literatures, a field like MIS and AIS could prepare itself for this Brave New World, and respond accordingly

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