Supply chain diagnosis



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Boehme, T., Childerhouse, P., Deakins, E., Potter, A. & Towill, D. (2008). Supply chain diagnosis. Operations Management, 34 (2), 12-17.


Management consultants and academics leave themselves wide open to criticism if a recommended solution is not well researched, not soundly underpinned by theory or not well specified or communicated. In addition, practitioners and others who place blind faith in the ability of generic templates to analyse every supply chain situation correctly risk overloooking important aspects of the problem.

By way of contrast, this article outlines a supply chain audit methodology that has been shown to yield consistent results one that provides close, customised support to practising supply chain professionals by utilising a team approach involving deep engagement by industrialists. By presenting managers with a rich picture and identifying the root causes of the major pain being experienced, the case for and specification of major supply chain business process improvement (BPI) programmes can be identified. The analysis procedure is described with the aid of an actual case study, and its particular methodological strengths, uses and value to practitioners is outlined.

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