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Barrett, M. & Moores, K. (2010). Looking anew at women's entrepreneurship: How the family firm context and a radical subjectivist view of economics helps reshape women's entrepreneurship research (Women Entrepreneurs in Family Business: A Radical Subjectivist View). 6th Workshop on Family Firms Management Research (pp. 1-17). Barcelona: European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM).


As noted in a current call for papers (Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice 2010), there has recently been a dramatic expansion of scholarly interest and activity in the field of women's entrepreneurship. The U.S. based Diana Project, to name just one research group in the field, has grown rapidly into a global network of researchers, generating numerous conferences, symposia, and publications. Journals such as Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice and more specialised publications including Family Business Review have sponsored special issues on women's entrepreneurship, allowing scholars to synthesize insights in the field from empirical and conceptual work worldwide.

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Workshop on Family Firms Management Research