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Camit, M., Noble, G. I. & Algie, J. (2009). A comparison of factual/low context versus emotional/high context message appeals: persuading Chinese smokers to ring the Chinese quitline. Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (pp. 1-8). Melbourne, Australia: Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy.


This study does not support the notion developed from cross cultural advertising literature that members of a particular cultural group will prefer a particular message advertising appeal if it reflects values that are congruent to its culture. An experimental design is applied to examine whether emotional/ high context appeals (n=120) are more persuasive than factual/ low context appeals (n=124) among target groups from collectivist cultural backgrounds. Analysis of Chinese smokers’ pre-and-post intentions to contact the Chinese Quitline after viewing print advertisements determined that there was no difference between the two ad groups’ shift scores. The common use of direct translations of Australian mainstream campaigns for this culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) target group could be viewed as an acceptable practice.