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Abraham, A. & Jones, H. J. (2008). Enabling authentic cross-disciplinary learning through a scaffolded assignment in a blended environment. Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (p. [10]). Melbourne, Australia: Deakin University.


This paper reports on the development of a scaffolded learning assignment with blendedcomponents in a cross-disciplinary setting. The assignment has been developed in a socioculturalcontext, based on a Vygotskian approach and this paper details the design anddevelopment of the assignment. The five stages of the assignment have been carefullyscaffolded and include elements of individual and group tasks, finishing with an individualreflection on the process. Formative assessment and associated feedback are importantelements of the scaffolding and suggestions for further applications for the learning designof the assignment are suggested.