Mary Addison Hamilton, Australia's first lady of numbers



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Cooper, K. A. (2008). Mary Addison Hamilton, Australia's first lady of numbers. Accounting History, 13 (2), 135-161.


The name Mary Addison Hamilton (Addie) does not appear in any of the recorded histories of the accounting profession in Austrarlia even though there is ample evidence to suggest that she is deserving of such a place. Addie was one of the first women to achieve membership of one of Australia's recognized professional accounting bodies and, thereby, one of the first in the British Empire. This distinction was achieved in the early twentieth century, when restriction of women entering the professions was common. In addition, Addie achieved a permanent position in the public sector at a time when Australian women were traditionally denied such positions. This article is a celebration and acknowledgement of hte achievements of this remarkable woman who worked tirellessly as a clerk in the public serivce while using her accounting skills to train new accountants and assist a number of charitable and not-for-profit organizations.

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