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Sim, A. (2007). Emerging southeast Asian and Taiwanese multinational Firms and their internationalization strategies. 2007 Oxford Business & Economics Conference Proceedings Oxford University: Association for Business and Economics Research.


Empirical research on the internationalization strategies, processes and operations of Asian MNEs from countries at different levels of development is sparse. This paper examines and analyzes the internationalization strategies and characteristics of Southeast Asian and Taiwanese MNEs within the IDP (Investment Development Path) perspective. Primary data are drawn from 35 case studies of emerging MNEs from Singapore and Taiwan (representing NICs) and Malaysia and Thailand (representing fast developing countries). Findings indicate differences among the Southeast Asian and Taiwanese MNEs and provided some general support for the IDP. These differences, as well as those with other Asian and western MNEs, are examined and research propositions proposed. The empirical findings, limitations and implications for further research are discussed.

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