Assessing service quality dimensions: a study of the construction supplier industry in Thailand



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Kattiyapornpong, U. & Limsiritong, K. (2010). Assessing service quality dimensions: a study of the construction supplier industry in Thailand. TMC Academic Journal, 5 (1), 23-34.


Service quality dimensions are well-established within Western countries.However, there is limited evidence that these dimensions occur in Asiancountries. According to Hofstede (2010), Western countries are low in powerdistance index, uncertainty avoidance index and long-term orientation, and highin masculinity and individualism. Asian countries are high in power distanceindex, uncertainty avoidance index and long-term orientation; and low inindividualism and masculinity. Reciprocity and social bonds have been shown tobe more important in Thai business-to-business (B2B) supplier selection. Thispaper aims to assess the service quality dimensions in the Thai constructionsupplier industry: whether the traditional service quality measurement is valid inthe construction industry in Thailand, and what dimensions comprise servicequality in the context of the Thai construction material supply business. 261 selfadministeredquestionnaire surveys are analysed. Only Thai speakers wereinterviewed. The results show that the service quality scale applies to theconstruction supplier industry in Thailand. This paper reinforces the importance ofservice quality dimensions across cultures and the applicability of the servicequality scale in an Eastern culture. Thus, managers can improve their servicestrategy development in order to increase sales volume. The findings contributeto service quality theory and its application in different cultures, especially inThailand. Further studies can be done in other Asian countries that have theirown unique characteristics.

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