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Watts, T., Flanagan, J. & Little, J. (2005). A model for corporate governance, decision-making, and accountability in today's universities. Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference (pp. 1-22). Australia (on CD ROM): John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd.


The government’s goal over the past decade of increased self-reliance has required universities to adopt the corporate mantle of governance consistent with that used in the private sector. The corporatisation of the university sector brought with it a unique set of problems to which senior university management had not previously been exposed. The solution to some of these problems includes developing governance systems to guide strategic decision-making based on well-developed ethical principles. This paper suggests such an approach to governance based on contemporary management and ethical foundations. In this model governance is depicted as an achievement of thinking across four levels, each building on the one below, providing governance through appropriate delegation and empowerment.