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Eklund, P. W., Ducrou, J. R. & Wilson, T. (2006). An intelligent user interface for browsing and search MPEG-7 images using concept lattices. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Concept Lattices and Their Applications. Tunisia: Universite El-Manar, Tunisie.


This paper presents the evaluation of a design and architecture for browsing and searching MPEG-7 images. Our approach is novel in that it exploits concept lattices for the representation and navigation of image content. Several concept lattices provide the foundation for the system (called Image-Sleuth) each representing a different search context, one for image shape, another for color and luminance, and a third for semantic content. This division of information aids in the facilitation of image browsing based on a metadata ontology. The test collection used for our study is a sub-set of MPEG-7 images created from the popular The Sims 2 TM game. The evaluation of the Image-Sleuth program is based on usability testing among 29 subjects. The results of the study are used to build an improved second generation program – Image-Sleuth2 – but in themselves indicate that image navigation via a concept lattice is a highly successful interface paradigm. Our results provide general insights for interface design using concept lattices that will be of interest to any applied research and development using concept lattices.



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