Influencing factors on lecture attendance at a tertiary institution



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Jordaan, Y. (2009). Influencing factors on lecture attendance at a tertiary institution. South African Journal of Higher Education, 23 (1), 98-112.


The tendency towards decreasing class attendance by students is a concern for manytertiary institutions. Various factors contribute to the motivation of students, which in turndirectly or indirectly influence them to attend lectures. The aim of the study is mainlyto investigate which factors are related to the problem of low lecture attendance, andto determine the relation between lecture attendance and online support for students,gender, age, year level groups and faculty groups. A non-probability sample wasdrawn at the largest residential university in South Africa. Some of the findings showeddifferences between female and male lecture attendance, lecture/r quality as well asreasons for attending classes. It was also observed that there is a positive associationbetween lecturer evaluation and lecture attendance by students. The results provideinsight into a better understanding about class attendance and may enhance interactionbetween students and lecturers.

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