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Kyriazis, E., Johnson, L. & Couchman, P. (2011). Does managerial signalling behaviour affect conflict during NPD projects: an exploratory study. Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference 2011: Proceedings (pp. 1-10). Perth, Western Australia: Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy.


Cross-functional relationships during NPD projects have received considerable researchattention with an emphasis on achieving successful integration and avoiding harmfulconflict. The purpose of this paper is to develop and test an exploratory model examiningthe effects of managerial signalling behaviour, at top management and functional level,on conflict in cross-functional working relationships. Focussing on working relationshipbetween marketing managers and R&D managers in 184 new product developmentprojects in Australia this study examines the antecedents of conflict as reported by theR&D Manager. This study provides empirical support for the proposition that while topmanagement actions are useful in facilitating integration, the way a manager perceivestheir functional counterparts motives and intentions is a greater predictor of conflictwithin NPD projects.