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Alony, I., Caputi, P. & Coltman, T. (2011). Informing implementers of lean strategy in process industries ¿ the central role of schedulers. Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology, 8 335-349.


Lean strategy has been recognized for its benefits to discrete manufacturing industries world-wide. However, implementing Lean strategy in process industries has proven difficult. In an at-tempt to address this problem, this paper identifies scheduler’s decisions as crucial to the success-ful execution of Lean strategy. The paper examines existing descriptions of schedulers and their roles, in search of their potential impact on this execution. Using a case study from the Austra-lian steel industry, empirical evidence shows that schedulers are critical to the success of Lean strategy. Two paths of impact are suggested: (1) schedulers’ role as negotiators and facilitators of business operations, and (2) schedulers’ discretion and prioritization of business needs. The pa-per concludes with suggestions for further research on ways to support schedulers’ execution of Lean strategy.