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Deakins, E., Childerhouse, P. & Bohme, T. (2011). A centre of international trade and transport logistics. The 3rd International Conference on Logistics and Transport & The 4th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (ICLT & OSCM 2011) (pp. 485-490). Thailand: UP Organizer and Publication Co. Ltd..


Achieving superior productivity and growth, and understanding how to best manage cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly modes of integrated transport is of vital importance to a nation's strategic interests. Yet in an era of increasing sensitivities toward greenhouse gas emissions and the ‘greening’ of business many countries lack educational facilities which are dedicated to understanding multi-modal transport logistics and sustainable supply chains that can extend to international trading partners. This paper explains in detail a proposed centre of excellence concept that was developed for the New Zealand Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CiLT). By facilitating intensive business collaborations and engaging industry directly with teaching specialists, consultants, and researchers it is anticipated that Centre stakeholders would benefit from: 1) industry-relevant, world-class applied research and problemsolving expertise that will directly add value to the NZ national and local economies, 2) shared decision support facilities that bring together industrialists, academics, consultants, and other specialists to work together on the most pressing export trade-related supply chain, logistics, and transport challenges and opportunities, 3) improved, industry-relevant qualifications and programmes that make extensive use of new and innovative teaching and learning methods and which are tailored to the country’s international trade, transport and logistics sectors. This research brings together the views of industry, education providers, students, and governmental stakeholders. It has been informed by first-hand experience, by the literature, by international visits and by acknowledged best practise.

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International Conference on Logistics and Transport