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Boehme, T., Childerhouse, P. & Corner, J. (2007). Supply chain integration in New Zealand: fact or fantasy?. 11th Annual Waikato Management School Student Research Conference (pp. 1-16). Hamilton, New Zealand: Waikato Management School.


Researchers at the Logistics Systems Dynamics Group (LSDG), Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University in Wales and the Systems Department, Waikato Management School, Hamilton, New Zealand have explored the issue on uncertainty in supply chains and have established a relationship between best-in-class supply chain practices (highly integrated supply chains) and levels of supply chain uncertainty using the Quick Scan Audit Methodology developed by LSDG. This approach has been applied to six New Zealand companies. The studies show that New Zealand organisations face high uncertainties and therefore are weakly internally and externally integrated. Six common root causes for the low level of integration have been identified, namely poor knowledge management, functional silos, weak operation processes, multiple independent information systems, human resources and lack of strategic supplier relationship management.