Teaching based on TEFI values: a case study



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Gretzel, U., Isacsson, A., Matarrita, D. & Wainio, E. (2011). Teaching based on TEFI values: a case study. Journal of Teaching in Travel and Tourism: the professional journal of the international society of travel and tourism educators, 11 (1), 94-106.


The case study presented in this article illustrates an example of value-based teaching in the context of sustainable tourism. Specifically, the five TEFI core values of mutuality, stewardship, knowledge, ethics and professionalism were integrated in an innovative learning environment that involved students from two universities in Finland and the United States who built a collaborative knowledge base via Facebook, worked on group reports, and produced a video reflecting on their learning experience. The article discusses the structure of the learning experiment and some of its outcomes while reflecting on the importance of value-based teaching in tourism.

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