Teaching international tourism: An interdisciplinary, field-based course



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Gretzel, U., Jamal, T., Stronza, A. & Nepal, S. K. (2009). Teaching international tourism: an interdisciplinary, field-based course. Journal of Teaching in Travel and Tourism: the professional journal of the international society of travel and tourism educators, 8 (2-3), 261-282.


An international tourism course involving coteaching international tourism subjects from different disciplinary perspectives in the form of a learning community and including a field trip to an international tourism destination was designed to explore opportunities to overcome some of the limitations inherent in traditional teaching approaches. This article provides a detailed description of the course structure, learning objectives, and contents as well as insights derived from the various evaluation processes, which involved the analysis of results from conventional evaluation surveys, field trip journals, student papers, posttrip discussions, institutional responses, and critical self-evaluation by the faculty.

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