Popularity of iPhone travel applications over time and by function



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Anuar, I. & Gretzel, U. (2010). Popularity of iPhone travel applications over time and by function. 17th Annual iHITA Research Conference (pp. 111-117). Orlando, FL: iHITA.


Mobile phones today play an important role in travelers‟ lives. The paper outlines a study to analyze travel applications that have been developed for the iPhone in terms of their popularity. The study focuses on investigating free and paid applications regarding the functions they support (search, travel guide, language, orientation, travel tool, and reservation), the influence of function on popularity ranking, and the evolution of popularity rankings over time. The paper seeks to draw conclusions about travelers‟ mobile information needs as well as the situation in the iPhone application market to provide implications for application developers as well as tourism and hospitality marketers.

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Annual iHITA Research Conference

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