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Okcabol, F., Mickhail, G. M., Sy, A. & Tinker, T. (2009). The turmoil in the markets for MIS and AIS - A labor process study. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting Conference (pp. 1-15). Innsbruck, Austria: Universitat Innsbruck.


With growing flux in MIS and AIS employment, there is increasing number of questions about the impact and direction of this technology. As far back as 1993, economic surveys consistently showed that the 1993 U.S. economic recovery was the first where white collar employment failed to bounce back (Cooper and Madigan, 1993A; Ehrear, 1993; Farrell et. al., 1993; Mandel and Farrell, 1993.) In the U.S, between March 1991 and April 1993, production jobs rose by 823,000, but white collar payrolls--managerial and administrative positions--fell by 290,000. Even after two years of expansion, non-farm jobs were still below their pre-recession level (Cooper and Madigan, 1993A.) These were the first signs of ‘things-to-come’.