RDF-based peer-to-peer based ontology editing



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Becker, P., Eklund, P. W. & Roberts, N. (2006). RDF-based peer-to-peer based ontology editing. Journal of Digital Information Management, 4 (1), 50-55.


The evolution of the Semantic Web has accelerated the need for ontologies. There is a need to build new ontologies and to extend and merge existing ontologies. To achieve this we need software tools to edit and build ontologies. Our paper describes software to develop a protocol for collaborative ontology editing based on RDF and using a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networking architecture. The protocol allows for the implementation a voting mechanism embedded into the RDF data itsel0 using a mixed initiative design for notification. This is implemented as extensions to an ontology browser called 0NTORAMA1 • The P2P approach is compared to the classic ontology editing approaches and the special requirements of the ontology editing environment are discussed. The protocol, design, implementation and architecture for ontology update are also elaborated.

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Journal of Digital Information Management

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