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This paper was originally published as: Sun, Z & Finnie G, A unified 2D representation of fuzzy reasoning, CBR, and experience-based reasoning, in B Gabrys, RJ Howlett & LC Jain (eds), Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems (KES 2006) Part I, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4251/2006, Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, 2006, 1115–1123. The original publication is available here from Springerlink.


Fuzzy reasoning, case-based reasoning (CBR) and experience-based reasoning (EBR) or natural reasoning have been seriously studied for years. However, these studies essentially can be considered as a 1-dimensional approach, because their reasoning paradigm is 1-dimensional. This paper will propose a 2-dimensional (2D) approach that represents fuzzy reasoning, CBR, and EBR in a unified way. This approach also integrates many reasoning paradigms such as abduction, deduction and similarity-based reasoning into a unified treatment. The proposed approach will facilitate research and development of fuzzy reasoning, knowledge/experience management, knowledge-based systems, and CBR.