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Chancharat, S. & Valadkhani, A. (2007). Mean reversion versus random walk in Asian stock prices: evidence from multiple structural breaks. In R. C.. Clute (Eds.), The 2007 European Applied Business Research (EABR) Conference (pp. 1-11). USA: The Clute Institute for Academic Research.


This paper examines whether Asian stock prices for 9 countries are trend stationary or follow a random walk process using the Zivot and Andrews (1992), Lumsdaine and Papell (1997) tests and monthly data (1987:12-2005:12). With one structural break test results provide evidence in favour of random walk hypothesis in 6 countries. Moreover, when two endogenously-determined structural breaks are considered, this hypothesis was rejected for the same 3 countries, suggesting a robust conclusion regarding the non-stationarity of stock prices world wide. In addition, the dates of structural break in most cases point to the Asian crisis in the period 1996-1998.