Non-price online consumer purchase point value



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Grant, R. G., Clarke, R. J. & Kyriazis, E. (2010). Non-price online consumer purchase point value. Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Conference (pp. 78-96). Coventry, England: Academy of Marketing.


Online consumer point of purchase behaviour is typically dealt with as a number of functional website pages that do not necessarily address the consumer's needs. Academic literature similarly takes purchase point behaviour as one of the stages of a buying process and fails to address the complexity of dynamic customer needs in this stage of a process. Such glossing of purchase point activity leads to poor understanding of value for consumers engaged in purchase of a preferred option. This paper points to online consumer purchase point needs by reviewing literature relating to utility factors and perceived risk for complex purchases online. The review shows the complexity of the process and outlines research required to better understand this crucial step in a purchase process. Further, the paper raises the possibility of a system offering real time responsiveness to dynamic needs in what is likely to be a multi-modal process.

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Academy of Marketing Conference

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