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Hasan, H. M. (2005). Socio-technical systems: from individual transactions to situated community activity. In H. M. Hasan & G. Whymark (Eds.), Activity as the Focus of Information Systems Research (pp. 29-46). Rockhampton, Queensland: Knowledge Creation Press.


Although basic concepts of Activity Theory were articulated almost a century ago, they have stood the test of time and are proving to be appropriate for research into modem situation involving the use of socio-technical systems. Over the past decades the field of Information Systems has advanced from a focus on routine transaction processing systems to more sophisticated applications that support situated community activity. This chapter will describe how Activity Theory is becoming increasing relevant to these types of systems and can be complemented by other approaches such as Complexity Theory and a particular Knowledge Lens. Research is presented that provides insights into how a better understanding of such systems may support innovation within the bureaucracy of large organisations.

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