Effectiveness of ebrochures: an analysis of use patterns



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Anuar, F., Xiang, Z. & Gretzel, U. (2009). Effectiveness of ebrochures: an analysis of use patterns. In W. Hopken, U. Gretzel & R. Law (Eds.), Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2009 (pp. 333-342). Vienna, Austria: Springer Verlag.


Destination Websites typically offer print brochure request forms in addition to the information already presented on the Website. Also, more sophisticated sites increasingly offer the ability to view brochures online, and others even provide users with an opportunity to create customised brochures. The log file data of a destination Website was analysed to investigate whether the use of the different brochure formats was complementary and whether differences in use patterns occurred. The findings suggest that there is almost no overlap between interactive trip planner uses and print brochure requests. Also, the sessions that include interactive trip planner usage are longer and more active. Thus, analyses of use and use patterns can provide important indicators of effectiveness.

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