Enhancing user acceptance of mandated mobile health information systems: the ePOC (electronic point of care project) experience



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Burgess, L. & Sargent, J. P. (2007). Enhancing User Acceptance of Mandated Mobile Health Information Systems: The ePOC (electronic point of care project) experience. In K. Kuhn, J. Warren & Y. T. Leong (Eds.), World Congress on Medical Informatics (pp. 1088-1092). Amsterdam: IOS Press.


From a clinical perspective, the use of mobile technologies, such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) within hospital environments is not new. A paradigm shift however is underway towards the acceptance and utility of these systems within mobile-based healthcare environments. Introducing new technologies and associated work practices has intrinsic risks which must be addressed. This paper contends that intervening to address user concerns as they arise throughout the system development lifecycle will lead to greater levels of user acceptance, while ultimately enhancing the deliverability of a system that provides a best fit with end user needs. It is envisaged this research will lead to the development of a formalised user acceptance framework based on an agile approach to user acceptance measurement. The results of an ongoing study of user perceptions towards a mandated electronic point-of-care information system in the Northern Illawarra Ambulatory Care Team (TACT) are presented.

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