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Ryan, A. & Eklund, P. W. (2009). Ontology mapping between HL7 versions 2 and 3 and OpenEHR for observations messages. In P. Croll & V. Sintchenko (Eds.), HIC 2009: Proceedings (pp. 40-45). Melbourne, Australia: HISA.


Interoperability between health informatics standards enables new best-ofbreed solutions to evolve from legacy health information systems, and enables a healthcare data model to evolve and be enriched. In this paper we show that a lightweight XSLT framework can be used to achieve interoperability between HL7 versions 2 and 3 and HL7 version 3 and OpenEHR. We present the necessary transformations between terminology and structure in these standards as an exercise in ontology mapping. We discuss our experience with respect to clinical observation messaging.

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Health Informatics Conference