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This conference paper was originally published as Collier, HW, Jones, RE and McGowan, CB, The impact of family complexity on the attitudes toward an international career of Russian nationals, Proceedings of the Southwestern Academy of International Business Conference, San Diego, 14-17 March 2007 [in press].


This paper examines attitudes of Russian MBA students toward international careers and finds that family complexity impacts responses. Respondents who have complex family situations were slightly favorable toward international careers with average survey response values of about 2.50. The average response values for survey respondents who were not in complex family situations were neutral (3.00) toward an international career. The results of this survey indicate that Russian MBA students are, on average, only slightly favorable toward international careers. The average response values were not different based on gender since the average response value for males was 2.65 and the average response value for females was 2.71. These results contrast with an earlier study that found a stronger preference for international careers among Russian MBA students. Current MBA students in Moscow have more career opportunities than before. The results are based on the responses of twenty-seven Russian students in an AACSB accredited MBA program in Moscow who speak both Russian and English and work for an international company or agency.