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Zhang, Y. (2011). Trust in business collaboration. 8th SMEs in a Global Economy Conference (pp. 156-171). Thailand: Khon Kaen University.


Purpose - Trust is vital for business collaboration. However, few empirical studies have assessed trust because it is hard to be measured and is influenced by too many factors. The purpose of this research is to find the factors that influence firm level trust in Australia and China.

Methodology - This paper used quantitative research method to examine the key determinants of trust in Australian and Chinese business collaborations. Qualitative face-to-face interviews are also conducted in Australia and China to examine the results and provide complimentary support for the quantitative research results.

Findings - Trust is influenced by different factors in business collaboration in different countries. Communication and contact person are vital to firm level trust in both China and Australia. However, the size and reputation of partner firm play more important role in business trust in Australia. Culture similarity plays significant role in Chinese business trust relationships but Australian.

Value - The findings extend our knowledge on firm level trust in business collaborations. It distinguished the differences of key determinants for firm level trust in Australia and China.