Change and wicked problems in health care transitioning



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Marciano, H., Dawson, P., McLean, P., Sykes, C. & Zanko, M. (2011). Change and wicked problems in health care transitioning. 25th Annual Australia New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (pp. 1-15). Wellington, New Zealand: ANZAM.


Attention is focussed on multiple stakeholder issues that cut across organizational boundaries andcreate `wicked¿ problems that are difficult to resolve. Our key focus centres on how to effectivelymanage the transition of people with intellectual disabilities into aged care that facilitates well-beingfor clients, carers and stakeholders. Both the Disability and Aged Care Sectors recognise thedifficulties for people with intellectual disabilities who experience aging issues earlier than otherpeople and yet, funding barriers and inter-organizational constraints have prevented effective action.We advocate a storytelling approach to identify obstacles that require further investigation as well asto leverage stakeholders to potential opportunities for social innovation and the development ofprogrammes for change.

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