Measuring web site quality for online travel agencies



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Park, Y., Gretzel, U. & Sirakaya-Turk, E. (2007). Measuring web site quality for online travel agencies. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 23 (1), 15-30.


Online travel agencies face increasing levels of competition and, thus, experience an ever greater need to evaluate the effectiveness of their Web sites. This study examines the influence of perceived Web site quality on willingness to use online travel agencies. Six core dimensions were identified and empirically tested regarding their impact on behavioral intentions using a survey of 311 local residents in the United States. Ease of Use was found to be the most important dimension in determining Willingness to Use, followed by Information/Content, Responsiveness, Fulfillment, and Security/Privacy. No significant relationship was found for Visual Appeal. Implications of the results for online travel agency Web sites and future research are discussed.

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