Remembering Dorothea 'Dragon' Dix - nineteenth century mental health reformer



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Smark, C. J. (2008). Remembering Dorothea 'Dragon' Dix - nineteenth century mental health reformer. The Business Renaissance Quarterly, 3 (4), 151-170.


Many have observed that the present financial crisis is a classic example of greed run amok. Other call it a crisis more of "memory" than greed, citing S & L debacle as lesson we did not learn well enough during late eighties. Some blame the rapacious lenders. Others point to the voracious borrowers. Still others blame it on irresponsible leadership. Unquestionably, greed is a constant factor in human affairs, irrespective of what we have. We can only strike at the very root of this problem by reassessing our values, rechecking our motivations, and adjusting our expectations.

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