Spiritual leadership in the entrepreneurial business: a multifaith study



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Fernando, M. (2007). Spiritual leadership in the entrepreneurial business: a multifaith study. (1 ed.). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.


Although interest in workplace spirituality continues to soar, the literature and empirical research on non-Western, non-Christian spirituality in entrepreneurship and leadership is almost non-existent. Mario Fernando's unique study fills the gap in the literature, exploring cross-cultural and religious distinctions of the contemporary meaning and enactment of spirituality in organizations. Case studies of 13 influential, spiritually motivated Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim entrepreneurs are used to explore the significant impact of religion upon the management and leadership of an organization. The book concludes that although each entrepreneur's outward practice of spiritual leadership conformed to personal religious beliefs, these practices had two common aims: a connection with self, others and/or an ultimate reality, and a need to direct and motivate self and/or others to develop an organizational culture founded on a sense of shared community. This unique and fascinating work will strongly appeal to entrepreneurship, leadership, and business and management researchers and scholars with a particular interest in the interplay between entrepreneurship and spiritual leadership.

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