The role of small business strategic alliances in small/medium enterprises (SMEs)



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Macgregor, R. C. & Vrazalic, L. (2007). The role of small business strategic alliances in the adoption of e-commerce in small/medium enterprises (SMEs). In R. C. Macgregor & A. T. Hodgkinson (Eds.), Small Business Clustering Technologies: Applications in Marketing, Management, IT and Economics (pp. 242-280). Hershey, USA: IGI Global.


Despite advances in Internet technology, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are reporting relatively low rates of e-commerce adoption. In response to this, government organizations are putting in place a number of initiatives to promote e-commerce use by SMEs. One of these initiatives is the formation of strategic alliances between businesses in order to pool resources and facilitate e-commerce adoption. This chapter examines the role of strategic alliances in e-commerce use by SMEs by presenting the results of a study of 313 Swedish businesses and by comparing the e-commerce adoption criteria, benefits, and disadvantages among those who are members of a strategic alliance and those who are not. The results of the study indicate distinct differences between the two groups in relation to specific aspects of e-commerce.

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