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Linger, H. & Burstein, F., Hasan, H. M., (2005). Articulating knowledge work: the contributions of Activity Theory and task-based knowledge management. In G. Whymark & H. M. Hasan (Eds.), Activity as the Focus of Information Systems Research (pp. 71-90). Rockhampton, Queensland: Knowledge Creation Press.


This chapter addresses issues of knowledge work in organisations with a concern that mainstream knowledge management (KM) has fallen short of expectations. The real nature of knowledge work remains hidden, and thus inaccessible, to those who are trying to improve organisational outcomes through KM practices. The authors have conducted independent research within a new discourse on knowledge work in the context of modem complex organisations, the results of which are converging to a common understanding of this critical phenomenon. Their two theoretical frameworks, one task-based and one activity-based, are described here as eminently suited to this research. Two sets of selected published work, each using one of the approaches, are compared using a content analysis tool and the findings are analysed to identify common concepts.

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