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Vrazalic, L. & Macgregor, R. C. (2005). Electronic commerce adoption and strategic alliance membership: a study of regional SMEs in Sweden. In K. Soliman (Eds.), Internet and Information Technology in Modern Organizations: Challenges and Answers (pp. 841-852). International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA).


The changes brought about by electronic commerce have had a profound effect on small to medium enterprises (SMEs). To manage these changes, SMEs have been encouraged to form strategic alliances. Yet despite the proclaimed advantages of such alliances, little research has been carried out to determine whether these structures have any impact on an SME’s decision to adopt e-commerce. There has also been a lack of research into comparing e-commerce adoption in those SMEs that are members of a strategic alliance to those that have opted to remain outside such arrangements. This paper aims to correct the situation by presenting the findings of a study of 313 regional SMEs in Sweden, which investigated the impact of strategic alliance membership on e-commerce adoption criteria. The results of the study indicate that there are no significant differences in e-commerce adoption criteria between members and non-members of a strategic alliance.