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This paper will be published as: Fernando, M & Yang, Y, Transformational leadership in a cross-cultural setting, Proceedings of the 20th Annual Australia New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Conference: Management: Pragmatism, Philosophy, Priorities (pp. 1-21), December, 2006 (accepted). Yeppoon, Queensland: Central Queensland University.


This paper reports the findings of a study that examines the application of transformational leadership in a cross-cultural setting. This study used Baron and Kenny’s (1986) and Parker’s (2003) mediation model, Podsakoff and Mackenzie’s (1990) scale of transformational leadership behaviour, and Herscovitch and Meyer’s (2002) items on commitment to change. Participants comprising pastors and church members were drawn from six Chinese- and three English-speaking church congregations in St Louis, Missouri, USA. The research findings suggest that the members of Chinese-speaking churches were positively affected by task-oriented behaviors and three types of commitment to change. On the other hand, the members of the English-speaking churches were positively affected by people-oriented behaviors, and the levels of trust in their Pastors and overall satisfaction with their churches.