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Fernando, M. & Burrows, S. (2005). Unbounded rationality: the role of connectedness in right decision-making. ANZAM 2005 Conference, Australia New Zealand Academy of Management. Canberra: Australia New Zealand Academy of Management.


This paper reports the preliminary findings of a study examining the role of connection in right decision-making of managers operating in Australia. The key aims of the study are to identify the influence of connectedness in the ethical outcomes of right decision-making, to identify barriers to right decision-making and lastly, to examine the nature of any relationship/s between connectedness and unbounded rationality in right decision-making. The study compares and contrasts eight case studies of middle and senior managers drawn from information technology, service and manufacturing sectors. The primary data for the study are in-depth interviews. The findings suggest that connection has a significant influence on the ethical decision-making of participating Australian managers—in that a frame of reference based on a connection with self is likely to be a source of inspiration, guidance, and solace to managers’ decision-making. The study further suggests that when managers make decisions within such a transcendent frame of reference, their ethical decision-making has potential for improvement.

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Australia New Zealand Academy of Management