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Zhang, Y. & Sun, C. (2011). Using decision tree in business collaborator. 8th SMEs in a global economy conference (pp. 172-186). Thailand: Khon Kaen University.


Purpose - Business collaboration is important for small and medium sized enterprises. The traditional method of choosing business collaborator is largely based on individual's experience and subjective criteria. However, the failure rate of business collaboration is still high for less experienced small firms. The purpose of this research is to find a different solution for managers in choosing business collaborators.

Methodology - Decision Tree is an advanced technology, which is used in different business and industry areas. It is adopted in this study to help the managers choosing business partners. This study using the data collected from 339 firms in Australia and China to examine the key determinants for successful collaboration.

Findings - The performance of business collaboration is influenced by different factors in different countries. Decision Tree gives good implications for small business decision making in collaborating strategy.

Value - This study adopted a new method in collaboration studies. It also distinguished the differences of key determinants for business collaboration in Australia and China.