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This chapter was originally published as: Fernando, M, Workplace spirituality: Another management fad?, in M. Adams and A. Alkhafaji (eds.), Business Research Yearbook: Global Business Perspectives, Volume XII, No. 2, International Academy of Business Disciplines, 2005, (ISBN: 1-889754-090-9). The website of the International Academy of Business Discipline can be found here.


During the last two decades, interest in the field of workplace spirituality has continued to grow. However, will workplace spirituality be another management fad? Human Relations, Organisational Development, Total Quality Management and Quality of Working Life were all more deeply researched than spirituality at work. In this paper, I discuss the relevance of Institutional Theory to examine the faddish nature of the workplace spirituality discourse. With the increase in ‘spiritual talk’, I argue that a controversial issue is how we could ascertain the extent to which organisations are seeking legitimacy rather than a genuine commitment to an authentic spirituality.