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Modsching, M., Kramer, R., Hagen, K. & Gretzel, U. (2008). Using location-based tracking data to analyze the movements of city tourists. Information Technology & Tourism, 10 (1), 31-42.


This article presents a methodology to analyze the spatial behavior of tourists based on tracking data. This method was applied during a field study in the city of Görlitz at the east border of Germany. Based on Global Positioning System (GPS) logs the spatial distribution of visitors in various areas is visualized and analyzed. Using the bimodality of the distribution of walking speeds, areas of slowdown are identified and subsequently clustered into activity areas. Using the activity areas, the amount of time tourists allocate to various activity categories is computed. Furthermore, a subsequent analysis of the activity behavior is used to identify the current visiting pattern of tourists and a network analysis of the identified activity areas is used to locate hubs. The network analysis highlights sequences of sights used very often and therefore identifies the beaten paths.



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