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Jayanthakumaran, K. & Liu, Y. (2011). Trends in emissions across the states of Australia 1998-99 to 2007-08: a shift-share analysis. Agenda: a journal of policy analysis and reform1, 18 (1), 53-66.


This paper reviews structural changes in emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM) in eight Australian states and territories over the period 1998 to 1999 to 2007 to 2008. A shift-share analysis decomposes the changes of an emission between these two periods into parts ( a national-share component, an industry-mix component and a state-shift component) in order to account for the ecological competitiveness of the states and territories. The results suggest that the changes in state emissions have been substantial, and tend to reflect national, industry and regional policy changes.