A research framework in banking studies: 'researching and writing articles a researcher's odyssey?'



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Deo, H. N. & Rudkin, K. M. (2007). A research framework in banking studies: "researching and writing articles a researcher's odyssey?". The Business Review, Cambridge, 7 (2), 22-28.


A research framework is an important feature of any academic research since it provides a researcher with an avenue of filtering his or her data to tell a particular story. Many studies in banking have been researched from data which was filtered through a mainstream, positivist or scientific approach and therefore these studies have not taken into account the social, economic, political and historical factors which are an important component of any academic research. The aim of this research paper is to bring out the importance of a research framework within case studies and the process the researcher undertakes, in his or her journey to complete the researcher’s odyssey. Banking is considered to be a product of its social environment. The overall interdependency of banking operations and their environment results in change, which is brought about by a process of mutual adaptation. To capture the totality in a research study, there is a need to see the inter-connection of social factors (Blumer, 1978; Funnell, 1998; Hines, 1988). It is maintained in this paper that the philosophical assumptions that underlie mainstream research can be questioned as to their ability to capture interactions with social environments.

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The Business Review, Cambridge

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