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This article was originally published as: Garrety, K, Robertson, PL & Badham, R, Integrating Communities of Practice in Technology Development Projects, International Journal of Project Management 2004, 22(5), 351-358. Original journal can be found here.


Technology development projects usually benefit when knowledge and expertise are drawn from a variety of sources, including potential users. Orchestrating the involvement of people from disparate groups is a crucial task for project managers. It requires finding a balance between differentiation, when teams work in isolation, and integration, when groups come together to exchange knowledge. This article argues that a “community of practice” perspective can help project managers to achieve this balance, by drawing attention to the assumptions, interests, skills, and formal and tacit knowledge of the different groups involved. Successful integration can be achieved by ensuring that the developing technology is comprehensible to all the groups concerned, and making sure that it satisfies their various interests.



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