Extended scenario role-playing: cumulative learning for supply chain participants



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Pepper, M. P. & Clements, M. D. (2008). Extended scenario role-playing: cumulative learning for supply chain participants. Development and Learning in Organizations: an international journal, 22 (3), 21-24.


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to introduce the concept of a staged cumulative learning mechanism as part of a role-play model for the teaching of supply chain concepts.

Design/methodology/approach – This paper presents the preliminary testing of an alternative model for the facilitation of supply chain learning within organizations. Following on from this, initial feedback is discussed before future stages of development are considered.

Findings – Through the structured implementation of complex supply chain interactions, practitioners can provide effective training that leads to deeper understanding of the interactions and communication skills necessary to balance an organizations successful operation in a modern supply chain.

Originality/value – The value of this paper is to invite the reader to consider the use of extended role-playing as a mechanism to facilitate the development of cumulative learning outcomes which provide employees with a toolbox of understanding to better approach interaction activities within and between supply chain partners.

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