A toolbox for bicluster analysis in R



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Kaiser, S. & Leisch, F. (2008). A toolbox for bicluster analysis in R. In P. Brito (Eds.), Proceedings in Computational Statistics (pp. 201-208). Heidelberg, Germany: Physica Verlag.


Over the last decade, bicluster methods have become more and more popular in different fields of two way data analysis and a wide variety of algorithms and analysis methods have been published. In this paper we introduce the R package {\tt biclust}, which contains a collection of bicluster algorithms, preprocessing methods for two way data, and validation and visualization techniques for bicluster results. For the first time, such a package is provided on a platform like R, where data analysts can easily add new bicluster algorithms and adapt them to their special needs.

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Proceedings in Computational Statistics

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