Tools for professional learning in business education



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Taylor, T., Fallshaw, E., Lawson, R., Zanko, M. & Papadopoulos, T. (2011). Tools for professional learning in business education. 25th Annual Australia New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (pp. 1-20). Wellington, New Zealand: ANZAM.


Professional learning is widely used by business schools to develop students’ discipline and generic management skills. In this paper we define professional learning and describe its identified benefits and key characteristics. We overview our nation-wide study of 37 Australian business schools together with industry consultations which elicited the empirical data used to frame the professional learning typology presented in this paper. We outline our findings on teaching approaches, good practice principles and enablers and impediments. Finally, we discuss how professional learning experiences that expose students to a professional environment and global and local business practices can provide an effective opportunity for critical review and reflection and enhance the transition from learner to professionally astute and responsible practitioner.

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