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Alkyid, K., Hasan, H. M. & Meloche, J. A. (2008). Simulating information exchanges in order to investigate the utility of public health websites. In Z. Irani, S. Sahraoui, A. Ghoneim, J. M. Sharp, S. Ozkan, M. Ali & S. Alshawi (Eds.), European Conference on Information Systems (p. [11]). Middlesex: Brunel Business School, Brunel University.


This paper explores the nature of communication and information flows in critical medicalenvironments to inform the design of public website support. Results are presented of a study ofcommunication in Intensive Care Units (ICU), where data was collected from the website owners,public users of the site and ICU clinicians who traditionally find communication with families ofpatients difficult. The paper presents the results of this research aimed at understanding the situationand needs of potential website users. The study has provided a greater understanding of howinformation technologies can help to resolve problems that arise with the ad-hoc, face-to-facecommunication that currently occurs in this area. To underpin the research a systems-dynamics modelof information flows in an ICU, was developed in an evolutionary fashion using Stella software. Themodelling process was informed by a review of literature, as well as data from various stakeholdergroups. The model provided a means of re-interpreting the data, encapsulating the knowledge gainedfrom the study and visualising the research findings in an innovative way that is enabling the projectto move forward.

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European Conference on Information Systems