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The article was originally published as Aylward, D, Working together: innovation and export links within highly developed and embryonic wine clusters, Strategic Change, 13(8), 2004, 429-439. Copyright John Wiley & Sons 2004. This journal is available online here.


This paper examines innovation and export linkages within two distinct levels of wine cluster development. The aim of the paper, using empirical data from the Australian wine industry, is to demonstrate that the association between innovation and export activity intensifies as the cluster develops. The paper uses selected core indicators of innovation and export activity to explore levels of integration within highly developed and embryonic models (In this context, ‘embryonic’ does not relate to the age of the cluster, but rather, its level of sophistication and development). This integration is examined in the context of Porter’s theory of ‘competitive advantage’, with potential lessons for New and Old World wine clusters.



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